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Ear Molding

Infant Ear Molding for Newborn Ear Deformities

EarWell ear mold to fix newborn ear deformitiesAfter an infant is born, the maternal hormone estrogen still circulates in the infant’s system for a few weeks after birth. Estrogen gives the cartilage of the ears their pliability and allows for them to be reshaped and molded. The earlier the EarWell™ system is placed on the ear, the better and quicker it works to reshape and mold the cartilage into a normal shape.

EarWell™ is designed to be highly effective on infants less than three weeks of age. It has been successful on children slightly older but favorable results diminish with each passing day. Therefore, it is key to schedule a consultation within days after birth, so that Dr. Jandali can place the device as early as possible to obtain the best result.

If your child has a newborn ear deformity, contact Dr. Shareef Jandali at (203)374-0310 for an appointment.

EarWell application to fix newborn ear deformities

EarWell application to fix newborn ear deformities